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hye dear comels,
alang-alang stalking tu..
tinggallah jejak kat sini tau..
nanti senang anis nak
trace and follow u all balik :)

all about me

assalamualaikum! holla! hye!
my name is WAN ANIS SURYANIE binti wan mohamed
was born on 18th february 1988
im a daughter, a wife and a mommy to be soon.. hehehe
working already as a Staff Nurse at Rehabilitation Hospital in Cheras KL

told u! im a nurse.. ahaha
and this, this is my family! from left is my brother - amy, me, my lil sister - baby, my dad - papa, my mom - mama, my sister - along and my brother in law - abe heri 
hehehe... the cute one is my only nephew ADAM the adorable <3

mohd furzani bin md shamsuri & wan anis suryanie binti wan mohamed
this is me n him, the only one.. the love of my life..
and of course my husband..



Mimie Najib said... reply to comment

kita sebaya ye rupanya.. =)
awk sngt comel la.. ^_*

anis suryanie said... reply to comment

hehehe... anak2 tahun naga kite ni.. 88 rock!

ahmad said... reply to comment

hi, minta info pengasuh anak anis, sebab masih mencari pengasuh untuk anak jgk. TQ (